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Ring Holes and Tabs

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whistleblower assistance

Telling the truth is taking action. Sometimes whistleblowers become catalysts for necessary reforms. Conscientious employee whistleblowers, internal and external, can tranform or simply clean up organizations. Yet other whistleblowers face coverups, escalating retaliation and hostile work environments. Various resources linked here assist whistleblowers taking care of themselves, as well as citizens who believe whistleblowers prompt discussions essential to our democratic system.

Staying Sane in a Crazy System

Of course, each whistleblower must find his or her own path through the quagmire--balancing loyalty and government ethics, values and resources, hopes and fears. Feelings matter--whether they be cathartic or angry, strength from "working it through" or powerlessness against "the System," support from family, friends and co-workers or isolation. Some whistleblowers find peace or empowerment internally, through spirituality or religion. Confidentiality matters a lot to them. Others speak out and find help interpersonally, as old and new allies counter the effects of various retaliatory or harassing techniques. Whatever your choice--silence or publicity, staying or leaving, therapists or activists--the whistleblowing experience produces internal changes.

Legislative Changes for Whistleblowers

From the First Amendment to Civil Rights laws to the Whistleblower Protection Act, the current federal system offers many promises, but little protection for federal government employees who blow the whistle on fraud, corruption or mismanagement. Elections mean government accountability. Plus, the MSPB and OSC are soon up for reauthorization, even if the old mandate to reinvent the government has expired. Another catchy phrase will come out soon as the government keeps transforming. The bankruptcies of Enron, MCI/Worldlink and Global Crossing put private sector whistleblowers in the spotlight. Now it's federal employees' turn. Here are links to the reports showing how the current whistleblower protection system fails, as well as to various legislative proposals designed to help civil servant whistleblowers.

Last Thoughts

Thanks for reading through these pages. Whether they felt new and different, or timeworn and dull, this is a work in progress, so feel free to check again in a month or two. Here's an email link for those who care to drop a note. At the risk of seeming rude, I must repeat my disclaimer--I cannot promise replies, especially not for those wanting legal help, and thus only check mail at this account irregularly.

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