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Ring Holes and Tabs

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Welcome to
Whistle20's Federal Whistleblower Home Page

Telling the truth is powerful, but not always easy, and rarely without consequences. Preparation and knowledge help -- both before notifying appropriate authorities of fraud, waste, gross mismanagement or outright corruption, as well as in dealing with whistleblowing's effects, which may include shunning or management retaliation. Whistleblower resources in these pages may make the experience less intimidating, lonely and/or isolating.

While the focus is on government accountability and the merit system principles theoretically embodied in the federal Whistleblower Protection Act, but private sector whistleblowers too can find this website useful. Some pages discuss contacting law enforcement or blowing the whistle outside the immediate chain of command. Other pages discuss federal whistleblowers' choices about hiring an attorney or trying to represent themselves. The First Amendment may or may not protect employee feedback or principled dissent in the workplace. Remember, this is practical, not legal, advice. This webmaster is not making any referrals to law enforcement, not to whistleblower attorneys or employee rights lawyers or anyone else.

This whistleblower website has four main areas linked below, with a site map and broader internal search engine for convenience. Of course this remains a work in progress. I have included an email address below, but don't promise any responses. It's checked only occasionally, and mostly for HTML- or other site design related content. So much for the disclaimers . Onward and upward!
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