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Professional Mental and Spiritual Resources



Psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers are trained to deal with stressful situations. They often counsel their clients to talk to them about both the whistleblowing and their experiences of retaliation.


Bad things sometimes happen to good people. Evil does exist in the world. Asking why is far from crazy. Facing what some mystics called the dark night of the soul has led some people to the despair of the bottle or pill, while others turn to faith. Maybe this is what some call being born again, and others call finding their soul. Life's meaning does change where an adult chooses to place faith in God or a higher power, even if the religion or denomination stays the same during the spiritual transformation.

Selection Guideposts

Mental and spiritual issues have long had a business aspect, as well as many human issues involving trust, love and power. It is hard sometimes to find someone with enough self-knowledge to admit limits, while also growing and stretching them in a positive sense. Moreover, mental health and spiritual professionals can disagree among themselves and often will disagree with attorneys. Sometimes whistleblowers may feel torn between the conflicting advice, rather than supported. Still, remember that many whistleblowers have not only have survived these experiences, but grown from them. If this seems like small comfort, here are further thoughts about guideposts to choosing a spiritual or mental health practitioner, or both.

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